Book List

Over 100 published books as of 2023:

Early Publications : 1986 - 1994

Detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure (Tafelberg 1986)
The Strollers (Maskew Miller Longman (MML) 1987)
A Cageful of Butterflies (MML 1988)
Harry went to Paris (Penguin 1989)
Traveller (MML 1989)
Merino (MML 1989)
Rainbow (MML 1989)
Tjojo and the wild horses (De Jager-HAUM 1990)
Serena’s story (MML 1990)
Mandi’s wheels (BBC Publishing Namibia 1990)
Song of Be (MML 1991)
Bau and the Baobab tree (Tafelberg 1992)
One dark night (READ Little Library 1993)
The Race (Oxford University Press 1993)
Lamma Adventure (MacMillan Hong Kong 1993)
Café Thunderball (De Jager-HAUM 1993)
The story-telling day (MML 1994)
Who’s there? (MML 1994)
Desert hero (MML 1994)
Z456 to the rescue (MML 1994)
Looking for me (MML 1994)

Zebra Books (Kagiso Publishers) : 1995 - 1996

These books were later published again as part of the Stars of Africa series (MML):
Hello? Hello? (Kagiso 1995/1996)
The Library Book (Kagiso 1995/1996)
The last minute (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Sidima’s goal (Kagiso 1995/1996)
An ordinary barking dog (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Liziwe’s long walk (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Nomisa waits (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Stop making that noise! (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Our house (Kagiso 1995/1996)
The chase (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Dizzie Lizzie, Disco Dancer (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Diamonds (Kagiso 1995/1996)
Free to be me (Kagiso 1995/1996)

Sunbird Books (PPS Publishing) : 1997 - 1998

Esi hates school (Sunbird 1997)
Dorsla and the stolen gold (Sunbird 1997)
Faqu’s goats (Sunbird 1998)
Julie and the new shoes (Sunbird 1998)

Recent Publications with Other Publishers

Jakey (Tafelberg 1997)
Tina’s song - with Tina Schouw (Cambridge University Press 1999)

Stars of Africa (Maskew Miller Longman) : 1998 - 2003

Hare helps (MML 2000)
Frog and dog (MML 2001)
Bad John (MML 2001)
Kubi the star (MML 2002)
Lindal’s little cow (MML 2002)
My mother hates television (MML 2002)
Waiting for rain (MML 2003)
Grandfather remembers (MML 2003)
The Bead Book (MML 2004)

Titles since 2005

Home Now Published by Frances Lincoln (UK) in November 2006
Home Now Published by Charlesbridge (USA) in November 2006
Hjemme Nå Published by Iko Forlaget As (Norway) 2006
Home Now was published by Pan Macmillan (under its Giraffe Books imprint) in English and five African languages in January 2008. Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho and Setswana.
Home Now was published in Korean in 2009

Cambridge University Press Rainbow Readers 2008 & 2009

Ages 6-8 (CUP 2008)
Blue, blue sea
Drum, drum, drum
I live here

Ages 10-11 (CUP 2009)
Finding Dad
Karoo Monsters
String of Beads
The most interesting job in the world (with Dr Janette Deacon)
Mapungubwe (With Dr Janette Deacon)
Koba of the Kalahari (With Melissa Heckler)

Ages 11-12 (CUP 2009)
Kalahari Stone
The girl next door to the girl next door
The Message
The Concert
Family Secrets

Other Publishers

Rough Luck, published by Hodder (UK) in their Africa Readers series in 2009.
Remembering Green, the first part of a trilogy for young adults, was published by Frances Lincoln in August 2009.
My Story, Our Stories was published in June 2009 by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. This is a collection of stories written with children from all nine provinces of this country. See under Educational and Workshops on this site.

New Books


Biographies of soccer players Lucas Radebe and Steven Pienaar were published by Penguin in 2010 in time for the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

Three Friends, published by Shooter and Shuter in 2010

Readers for Masterskills Publishers, Foundation Phase 2010:
Dancing with Dad
My BIG brother
The day I was born
Other kids


Jock, the books of the film, for Penguin Publishers for release with the animated film. Three books were commissioned - a board book for younger children an intermediate book for new readers and a full-length story of the film for 10-12 year-old readers.

Little Lion, with illustrations by Erika Pal, was published in October 2011 by Francis Lincoln Publishers in UK and America with translations into Danish and Swedish.


Jamie’s Adventures in Time – finding Hugh Miller, a commissioned book that is a biography of a 19th century geologist working just before Darwin published his Theory of Evolution. The book was privately funded and is sold through the Scottish National Trust. Published in Cromarty, Scotland.


Leo’s Life: a story concerning art theft in Africa, a street child who gets mixed up with the thieves, and an exciting mystery to solve. Published by Shuter and Shooter, Pietermaritzburg, for grade seven.

The Nobody Club: conservation and bird smuggling in the Drakensberg Mountains. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cape Town, for grade eight.

Series of 40 stories for grade four readers. (Independent publisher with confidentiality clause.)


Fifty stories for Grade Four readers. (Independent publisher with confidentiality clause.)


Work on a graded reader scheme for Oxford University Press 22 books.

Further 40 stories for independent publisher.

Work on graded readers for Oxford University Press.

Developed online writing course for adults.


Completed Hap: An archaeological novel about a young American teenager who experiences an empathy with a young hunter-gather woman living on the remote coast of W Cape thirty thousand years ago and submitted for Sanlam Award for Youth Literature.

Shipwreck: An adventure novel for young adults set on the Namibian Skeleton Coast.

Am I nearly there yet? An autobiographical travelogue of southern Africa.

Further work on graded reading scheme OUP.


Hap by NB Publishersa gold winner at the Sanlam Award for Youth Literature


Zebby and the Space Visitors published by Shuter and Shuter


Publication of Grade 1 & 2 in the OUP reading series.

Online publication of Writing Life – an online course for authors of books for children and young people.

Works in progress

Song for Pip (baby book)
Chronicles of Q (chapter book 10-12 year-olds)
Mimi and the Quiet (Picture Book)
Lost! (Young adult book)